by  on October 29, 2015

During a brief and bizarre phase in the ’60s pink Mustangs were in play.

The car that started it off was (likely) a ’65 Mustang painted a special shade of light pink and awarded to 1964 Playmate of the Year, Donna Michelle. There is savage argument over whether the car might actually be a 1964 1/2, but the real madness starts when you ask what IS ‘Playmate Pink’?

During ’65 and ’66 you could option your Mustang in ‘Playmate Pink’ paint with special order WT9036 and again in 67 using WT9036 (albeit a different shade).

Many have tried to pass off any old rare ‘Playmate Pink’ Mustang as the original convertible with white interior and wire wheels, but they’re lying to you. The whereabouts of the Mustang pictured with Donna in February 1965 remain unknown.