by  of The Mustang News on February 9, 2016

We recently got the chance to flip a 2016 Shelby GT350R over on its side to see all the unique hardware that makes it truly special, above and beyond its 527 horsepower 5.2 liter Voodoo V8. This is because only here can you see all the other extras that make it a formidable track ready car.

The first changes you’ll notice over grocery getting Mustang GT is the massive slabs of aerodynamic cladding to smooth the airflow underneath at speed and direct air where it’s needed for cooling. Note that our display car has a lot of holes cut into these panels for the sake of showing off its hardware, this isn’t how it comes from the factory.

Cooling though is the name of the game. Up front through the holes we can see both an engine and transmission oil cooler mounted on either side behind grilles in the front fascia. There are also dedicated brake ducts routed to its large Brembo brakes.

Further back, the lower shield has a kick up that directs air up into the transmission tunnel for additional cooling. And at the rear, an electric pump circulates the differential oil to a long thin cooling radiator mounted in center of the rear fascia.

The GT350 exhaust system is comprised of 3-inch stainless steel tubes front to rear with an integrated X-Pipe. It’s not the heavier and more complex system we saw on the BOSS 302 with its side outlets, but it every bit as musical to the ears.

Suspension on the GT350R differs from the standard Mustangs with thicker anti-roll bars front and rear lighter components like up front such as its unique aluminum spindle uprights. And at the rear lightweight aluminum control arms can be found as well, mirrored with counter wound springs.

Un-sprung weight is also saved with 19-inch carbon fiber wheels which have previously been the property of exotics. Here in close up you can see the fiber construct in a cross section of the wheel with its aluminum inserts at the hub for additional strength.

Putting some of that weight back is its huge Brembo brakes up front that feature a 15.5-inch two-piece rotor design comprised of an aluminum center hat and iron brake surface squeezed with six-piston calipers. Brakes at the back have rotors just under 15-inches in diameter.

Magne-Ride adjustable dampers are also found front and rear of the GR350Rwhich can adjust the stiffness or compliance in milliseconds depending on road conditions, driving behaviors and or how you have your drive modes set.

We’re not talking a lot about the engine in this video, but from underneath it has a number of unique features like a huge composite oil pan with windage tray. Along with the oil cooling system it has a 10 quart capacity.

Pushing all 527 horsepower to the rear wheels starts with an extra-heavy duty dual mass flywheel and clutch assembly sandwiched between the engine and its Tremec TR-3160 six-speed transmission. At the rear, heavy duty half shafts and a Torsen limited slip differential do the rest.